According to recent reports published on August 27 by Nature Climate Change the rising levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) are making rice and wheat crops less nutritious.

The impact of this will be devastating as report suggests that 175 million people will become zinc deficient and 122 million people will become protein deficient by the year 2050.

The research study also found that more than one billion women and children could lose a large amount of their dietary iron intake, putting them at increased risk of anemia and other diseases.

Sam Myers, lead author of this new study and research scientist at Harvard Chan School said:

“Our research makes it clear that decisions we are making every day – how we heat our homes, what we eat, how we move around, what we choose to purchase – are making our food less nutritious and imperiling the health of other populations and future generations.”

It has already been proved that the higher atmospheric levels of CO2 causes less nutritious crop yields.

According to the research, concentrations of protein, iron and zinc is found to be about 3 percent to 17 percent lower in environments where CO2 concentrations are 550 ppm (parts per million) compared with crops grown under current atmospheric conditions, in which CO2 levels are just above 400 ppm.

In this research, the crops of 151 countries were studied.

Estimates are that, by the middle of this century, when the atmospheric C02 concentrations are expected to reach around 550 ppm, 1.9% of the global population – or roughly 175 million people will face zinc deficiency and 1.3% of the global population – or 122 million will face protein deficiency.

According to some other studies, 2 billion people are already deficient in one or more nutrients. These people would likely see their conditions getting worse as a result of less nutritious crops.

Air Pollution causing Intelligence Reduction

Another study has revealed that air pollution causes reduction in intelligence, causing a great damage to the individual and society as a whole.

The research that was actually conducted in China, has implications all around the world when 95% of the global population is breathing unsafe and polluted air.

The study states that high pollution levels led to significant drops in test scores in language and arithmetic and it can cause everyone to reduce their level of education by one year.

The increasing level of CO2 is quite dangerous for the world and its citizens. Especially countries like Pakistan that are going to be most affected by this natural disaster.

We need to understand its implications so that we can fight this disaster together and improve our lifestyle, sending less CO2 to the atmosphere.

Our current PM Imran Khan has called for the tree plantation and other projects to make our country green. We must do our part to plant as much trees as possible in our cities.

The disaster is coming and bar is high, we need to do it together if we want to save our people and future generations.



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