Popsicle? Peanut Butter? Peppermint? Pistachio? Nope, Pie it is! Android 9 is Pie.

Google rolled out Android 9 day before yesterday, naming it “Pie” this time, I though really had my guess on peanut butter but anyways we’ve got freshly baked pie outta the oven, let’s dig in to see what inside the Pie!

Android 9, Pie, having a more colorful interface, with some new features like new gesture navigation and extended battery life, is thankfully as fast as the previous software update, Android Oreo.

Waiting for the update notification? Well, right now the update is going to be available for Google Pixel smartphones or any pure Android smartphones. While other smartphones from Samsung, Sony, Huawei, LG etc will have to wait for their manufacturer to deliver the update to Android 9. It may take a month or two.

Android 9 Features

Android Pie is baked with all the features that are easy, smart and insPIEred by you!

Gesture Navigation:

Gesture navigation taking over the traditional three buttons home, overview and back is the first basic feature of the update and the most useful.

This feature is not activated by default, if you wish to activate it you have to go to settings, then system, then gestures and tap on “Swipe up on Home Button” and there you go, the gesture navigation is activated.

Now you will see a pill-shaped button instead of the three traditional buttons. It serves the same as the three buttons but more in a more advanced way. You can tap it to go home, swipe up you will have all your tabs open, swipe further up and your app drawer will open up. Drag it to the right to see your last app used. Hold a bit longer to wake the Google Assistant up. Though the back button still slightly shows up if needed but the overview button is gone.

Android 9 Artificial Intelligence

Whatever you do now on your smartphone, you will face fewer tabs and swipes because the software will get to know what your next move is – Artificial Intelligence! Sounds intriguing? This will enable a much smoother and faster interaction between you and your smartphone.

Adaptive Battery:

With the help of artificial intelligence, Pie is going to optimize your battery usage by figuring out which apps are more or less used, background apps that are not in use will not be powered and in this way, you will save much of your battery life.

Adaptive Brightness:

Similar to the adaptive battery, adaptive brightness also with the assistance of artificial intelligence your brightness will be controlled by learning your daily manual brightness adjustments.

Android 9Android 9 App Actions

This is another artificial intelligence integrated feature by Google. This features learns by the AI your routine and predicts what you are about to do, so it suggest you before doing so. For example, if you listen to a certain playlist at night, it will suggest you to play the playlist at that time when you open your app drawer. Or if you are going to work, it will suggest you open your maps.


Just like Google displaying snippets of information in web search results, slices also displays the basic information from apps in the Google search bar. You get to know the information without even having to open the app, making it much easier and faster for you to work.

Android 9 Digital Wellbeing

A feature which will keep an eye on your smartphone activities. This feature includes a DashBoard which will tell you how much time you spend on your smartphone and on what apps. This is an important feature to aware you of your smartphone addiction.

Android 9 App Timer

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to set time for apps, like you can set 3 hours for YouTube, as the time is completed you will get a notification to close the app.

Do Not Disturb & Wind Down

Now, this feature helps you relax and sleep without being disturbed. The Do Not Disturb feature silences your audible or visual notifications, you can turn this feature on when you are resting and be bothered. Whereas Wind Down turns the DnD feature on when you are about to sleep and fades the brightness to grayscale.


Android Pie has upgraded the Bluetooth feature by allowing you to simultaneously connect to five other devices.

Inbuilt Amplifier

This feature is best for audio loving people, this feature allows to amplify the sound of the device if the surrounding has much noise.

Smart Selection

The smart selection features smart replies and text selection. This feature enables to suggest an app to be opened when you are selecting something related to it. For example, selecting a number will open caller app.  

Whereas smart replies are easy one button replies.


Android 9 Pie ensures the user’s privacy by not allowing shady apps for permission of location, camera, microphone etc if they are in the background and not being used.

Select To Speak

This is an advanced feature which will let you highlight any text written in an image and your assistant will read it out for you.

Wrapping up, Android 9 Pie has some great features not only to make your digital life easier but to help you spend less time on smartphones and lose your addiction to it.


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