In a recent blog post, Facebook has announced that it’s going to make all operations of the company run on 100 percent renewable energy by the end of 2020.

Global warming is a rising issue and the governments and people are worried about this. With having such serious implications as causing nutritional deficiencies and reducing intelligence, the issue deserves to be raised again and again.

To fuel the argument against the emission of CO2, many tech companies have started to take their infrastructure from normal electricity, the most portion of which is produced by using means that increase the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, to renewable energy for example, solar or wind energy.

Facebook had set a goal in 2015, of running 50 percent of its facilities with renewable energy by 2018. The company completed that goal before the timeline, with already running its operations on 51 percent renewable energy in 2017.

Now Facebook says that it’s on a mission to reduce its non-renewable energy usage and to run on 100 percent of green energy by the year 2020 to fight climate change.

The tech company has signed contracts for more than 3 gigawatts of new solar and wind energy. While Facebook said on its sustainability site that it already uses 100 percent clean and renewable energy to power its data centers in Los Lunas, New Mexico, Papillion, Nebraska, Lulea, Sweden, Altoona, Iowa, and Fort Worth, Texas.

Google, the search giant also made contracts to purchase 3 gigawatts of output from renewable energy projects, which was by far the most renewable energy purchased by a corporate entity back then.

Google is running a large part of its operations on renewable energy but not all of its operations. The reason given by the company executives is that it’s difficult for such a big company to use renewable energy completely in all operations.

Apart from Facebook and Google, Apple is also using 100 percent clean energy in all of its facilities all around the globe. That includes all of Apple’s retail stores, offices, data centers, and co-located facilities in 43 countries.

This year in June, Samsung the number one phone maker in the world, also promised to make all of its operations in the United States, Europe and China run on one hundred percent green energy by 2020.

Apart from tech companies, some non-tech companies like General Motors, Walmart and Starbucks are also turning towards green energy.

These companies are setting up a very good precedent for other tech and non-tech companies so that they follow these companies’ path to adopt ways that don’t add more CO2 to the atmosphere.


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