If you like iPhone’s 3D Touch feature, then there’s a bad news for you. According to some analysts, Apple could remove 3D Touch from future iPhones coming out in 2019.

The 3D Touch was first seen in 2015 as the flagship feature on the iPhone 6S. Now just after a few years the company may stop putting effort to keep this pressure-sensitive technology in next generations of iPhones.

According to MacRumors , which saw the note given by a Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis to investors, reports that it’s quite possible that some of next year’s iPhones won’t include 3D Touch.

The analyst might be referring to 2019’s flagship iPhones, which would presumably be the successors to this year’s two rumored high-end OLED models.

The rumors are that these new models will use the same screen technology that was used in iPhone X.

That only leaves one rumored iPhone model behind, that analysts believe will look like a larger version of the iPhone X with a cheaper LCD screen, but there will be no 3D Touch.

By removing 3D Touch from its future iPhones, Apple is actually admitting its failure. Even Apple’s marketing chief had told Bloomberg about the immense waste of resources connected with 3D Touch when the new feature came out.

He showed his concerns in a statement by saying that:

“Engineering-wise, the hardware to build a display that does what [3D Touch] does is unbelievably hard. And we’re going to waste a whole year of engineering – really, two – at a tremendous amount of cost and investment in manufacturing if it doesn’t do something that [people] are going to use. If it’s just a demo feature and a month later nobody is really using it, this is a huge waste of engineering talent.”

And what Apple’s executives were afraid of, the feature didn’t catch on really. Most iPhone users don’t even know that this feature exists. Even people who use iPhones for heavy usage, haven’t found anything useful in this feature at all.

The rumors are circulating but it’s quite difficult to guess that whether Apple will remove this 3D Touch feature altogether or will it use it in other future iPhones in a new way using some different technology.

There are other rumors as well that state that the support of Apple Pencil will also be lost in new iPhones. The reason for that is considered to be the bad User Experience offered by Apple Pencil.

Apple is possibly going to announce its iPhones in mid-September and we will find out about whether these rumors are true or false only then.


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